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Custom Meat Processing

When you need quality beef, pork, or domestic livestock processed to the highest standards, you can expect only the best at Backus Locker.

Based in Backus, MN, we serve as the premier butcher and meat processor in Cass County and Northwest Minnesota, providing mobile slaughtering, custom meat processing, and the region’s widest selection of fresh retail meat.

We also offer a variety of butchering and meat preparation services, including fish smoking services and handmade cheese and meat trays.

No meat is too difficult for us to cut, chop, butcher, pack, & serve. We look forward to serving you!

Cutting Orders

We know how much effort you put into raising your livestock. That’s why Backus Locker handles raw meat to the highest health standards. From the farm to our shop, we guarantee the best quality products and services, every step of the way.
Meat Cutting - Backus, MN

Please call our shop to place your order.

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Processing Prices

Whether you prefer raw, dried, smoked, or flavored meats, we’re ready to customize your order to your desired taste and specifications! We’re proud to process the best, locally raised beef, pork, and domestic livestock in Northwest Minnesota.

Processing Policy:

We reserve the right to refuse any meat that is not properly taken care of.

Pickup Policy:

Due to limited space, we ask that you pick up your finished meat as quickly as possible. After 2 weeks, storage will be charged.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Animal Pickup

$30 minimum for a 20-mile radius and $.90 per mile thereafter.

Pork Processing - Backus Locker - Backus, MN


$40.00/head if over 350 lbs.



$.62/lb hanging weight


$.95/lb of organic brine




Bulk Sausage
Beef Processing - Backus Locker - Backus, MN




$.62/lb hanging weight


Split Side Processing
$.75/lb hanging weight








Stew Meat
Goat & Lamb Processing - Backus Locker - Backus, MN

Goat & Lamb



Processing 1-40 lbs.


Processing 41-60 lbs.


Processing 61-80 lbs.


Processing 81-100 lbs.
Farm-Raised Buffalo Processing - Backus Locker - Backus, MN

Farm-Raised Buffalo



$.49/lb hanging weight

Includes cutting, boning, wrapping, & freezing.
Smoking & sausage are an extra charge.

****Prices Subject To Change****

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Customer Testimonials

“We have had several dairy cows butchered at the Backus Locker. They are very timely and do excellent work. We appreciate their helpfulness! They have great customer service and are always friendly!”
‒ Kim N.
For more information about our custom meat processing services, contact us at 218-947-4220 today!